Two in One: Oral & A Maxillofacial Surgeon

Oral doctor is not something one can ever get confused with, but someone having both the specialties can be a bit confusing. Even though this is comparatively new, it’s still managed to make its mark in such a short time. Since it gives an upper edge to the person who has both, people also prefer going to a doctor who has both the specialties. Combining these two can be a real plus not only for the doctor but also for the patient as this can make them trust their doctor even more. A maxillofacial surgeon Jason Savage is one who deals with the facial bones and the soft tissues surrounding that area. These doctors have dual degrees both in medicine and dentistry.

What do they do?

There are an infinite number of opportunities that comes with have both the expertise. There can be number of cases that not only require oral treatment but along with that, their treatment is further supported with a corrective surgery. What else could one patient ask for when it’s coming from the same person as it can keep one away from all the hassle of going to different places for different treatments? These surgeons also perform surgeries involving the abnormalities regarding the mouth or face. In other cases, they can also remove cancerous tissues from the oral cavity and further go for reconstructive surgeries.

How to get there?

This is one big process you have to go through in order to become an oral & a maxillofacial surgeon like Nick Rutherford. Surely not for the ones who just want to quickly end up at a hospital for their practice. Since it requires learning from two different sub disciplines, one cannot easily get done with it. It requires a lot of commitment, passion and energy.

OpportunitiesAn oral/maxillofacial surgeon can have job opportunities in hospitals, medical centres and even go for their own private practices such as Yarra OMFS. Whenever one gets the opportunity, they should instil the idea of being good leaders in them. This is because this job requires a lot of patience and good leadership skill. A surgeon might keep standing on their feet throughout the data with very little space of error. One can even come across difficult situations and all that requires is being strong and being able to handle yourself and the patient in all possible ways. Since, this field has an advantage of having two expertises, you can have a lot of advancement opportunities and the salary even can be more than the usual oral dentist.

This in fact is surely an amazing practice and can also help people in so many ways to restore their confidence in themselves. Many a times, people can be left torn apart with their inability to cope with their oral structural problems. For this, oral & maxillofacial surgeons are the people who give people the ability to gain back their confidence. It can be a really hard job at times, but if you enjoy doing this, this can surely be a win-win for both the doctor and the patient.

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