The Benefits of ABA Therapy in Schools

Applied behavior analysis or ABA therapy has become quite popular in recent times. If you have a child with autism, chances are that you have heard of it. When it comes to treatment options, there are few that you might actually consider. ABA therapy is definitely one of those treatments that you need to consider. Another term for ABA therapy is school behavior analysis. ABA specialists work in a variety of settings such as schools and private companies.    

Although ABA can help improve social and mental disabilities in people, it is primarily used for treating autistic children. It has been used since the 60s. However, its popularity has only grown in recent times. Today, plenty of research has been conducted by various organizations and it has been found that ABA therapy offers substantial support to children with autism. It is clear that ABA is a trusted, reliable option for the treatment of autism. Even though applied behavior analysis is effective for treating every age group, it is most effective when one starts young. The treatment tends to be highly structured. It focused on the following skill areas.

1. Self-Care

When children master this set of skills, they will have an easier time living independently. Busy parents, especially those raising an autistic child, it is important to teach the child to perform self-care tasks rather than teaching them through reinforcement. Moreover, it is where ABA is most successful. The treatment involves working closely with autistic children and their parents. Self-care plans are developed by behavior analyst.      

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2. Social Skills

To ensure that children with autism experience an improved quality of life, better social skills are essential. They help them establish a strong connection with people around them. When it comes to social skills, they require good communication skills. If a child is unable to effectively communicate, he or she would struggle to form a friendship with others. Play skills are thought as they are superfluous. There is a close connection between social acceptance, communication, and play.

3. Communication Skills

Autism has a huge impact on communication skills. From children that possess the ability to discuss various topics to those that can only use non-verbal cues, communication skills can be honed by ABA therapists using a variety of techniques. The fact is that communication skills have far-reaching effects. Therefore, ABA can help improve the communication skills in children with autism.

4. Learning

Studies reveal that ABA therapy has a positive effect on student learning. The high-quality intensive early intervention helps children with autism to gain the skills needed to learn new things and improve their learning capabilities. As you might have observed from the above, each skill is connected to the other.    


Once you have gone over this post, you will realize just how beneficial ABA therapy can be. It is a good idea to include the therapy in schools. However, parent collaboration and involvement with the therapist is crucial in order to achieve the best results.

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