Do I Need Physio for Back Pain

Many people wonder whether they need a physiotherapy appointment for back pain. The truth is that most of us experience back pain from time to time and it will typically go away on its own. If you are experiencing constant back pain that is not associated with an injury, then you probably need to visit a physiotherapist. The physiotherapist can help you find out what the underlying problem is and prescribe exercises that will help you overcome it.

There are different types of back pain and each type requires a different type of treatment. The main difference between acute and chronic back pain is the cause of the pain. Acute back pain is caused by a sudden or traumatic event such as a slipped disc, and is a diagnosis that determines how your condition should be treated. A chronic back pain is one that has developed over time and does not have a definite cause. This type of pain is the result of wear-and-tear changes that have occurred to your body’s bones and is largely unrelated to an injury.

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There are various types of physiotherapy. For acute back pain, the physiotherapist will first perform an examination and determine the exact cause of the pain. This will determine which type of therapy is most effective for your case. The most common form of treatment is exercise, which is highly effective at reducing back pain. It will help improve your flexibility, mobility, and strength in the lower back. Some people may prefer to do exercises with other people, which is why a physiotherapist may suggest a group exercise programme.

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Some types of back pain do require physical therapy. Some people will experience acute back pain, which can be as benign as a muscle strain or as severe as a spinal cord injury. The type of treatment will depend on the severity of the injury and the diagnosis. Likewise, chronic back pain usually is not acute and is caused by a gradual buildup of wear and tear on your back. It can also be due to a degenerated disc.

During the consultation, the physiotherapist will examine you and your back. They will also assess the function of the nerves. In addition to examining your back, the physiotherapist may also examine your neck, arms, and legs. In some cases, physio in Mount Gravatt will recommend an exercise program. However, a physiotherapist may also prescribe specific exercises to help you recover faster. These treatments can be very helpful in treating a range of conditions, so it is important to find a treatment plan that is appropriate for your condition.

When you visit a physiotherapist for back pain, they will take your medical history into account. They will ask you questions about your lifestyle, medications, and symptoms. They will assess your movement and your ability to walk. They may also assess your nerves and recommend exercises that will help you with your condition. A physiotherapist can also prescribe a medication for you if your pain is severe or if your doctor has recommended an exercise program.

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